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Object: Colonnade
Total construction area: 30858 m²
Location: “Dritan Hoxha” Street, Laprakë
Function: Residential & Commercial
Above-ground floors: 16 floors
Underground floors: 4 floors
Architect: Dalmat Architecture

Colonnade is one of the most ambitious projects of Nova Construction which will bring apartments with ample spaces organized in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms using the latest materials and technology in order to ensure comfort. The triangular structure of this project makes it possible for natural light to penetrate any apartment typology and orientation.

The building is located 10 minutes away from the Center of Tirana, positioned in an area where new constructions of 7-12 floors are the main urban formations that define the development of the area. The first floors will be used for commercial functions such as: shops, bars, offices, banks, etc. to respond to the various demands of the residents and the surrounding community. The common space inside the building will be green, created especially for to bring calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The common space inside the building will be green, specially designed to bring a calm and relaxing atmosphere.