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City Hotel

Object: City Hotel
Total construction area: 7788 m²
Location: Ish Dada
Function: Hotel
Above-ground floors: 12 floors
Underground floors: 4 floors
Architect: Marco Casamonti
Hotel: 11 floors
Parking posts: 4 floors

Continuation of innovative and new projects that adds to the experience of our company, is the 12-storey building, City Hotel. Located in the heart of one of the most elite areas of the city of Tirana, exactly along the axis of the road 'Brigade VIII', this building aims to fill this space from a functional point of view and at the same time improves the urban-architectural image of this axis. The surface of the area to be developed is 734 m2.

The construction site is bordered on the north by the road ‘Brigada VIII’ and in the systematization of the area are provided pedestrian passages and systematized and green spaces. The main road connects the square with the center of Tirana. This square is located in an important communication node, only 300m from the city center.

Conceived by world-renowned architect Marco Casamonti, director of the prestigious studio Archea Associati, this building comes as an innovative building with a completely transparent ground floor accessible throughout the perimeter and supported by only 2 sets of elevator stairs. This concept makes the object inviting and perceived as staying in the air, offering the whole area innovation and diversity.

Functionally, we have 4 underground floors with parking function, access to which is made from the street "Brigade VIII", through 2 elevators located on the -1 floor of the building, which is accessed by a ramp located in the western part of object. The ground floor has the function of a lobby. The floors with hotel function (in the form of suites) will be 11 and will be in the form of a typical floor where the floor plans are repeated on each floor while the windows are the ones that change, creating the rhythm of a dynamic facade, which stands out in this object.

According to the design task drafted together with the developer and the subject "NOVA CONSTRUCTION 2012" sh.p.k. The functions in the building were defined, which is a 5-star hotel and facilities in its function such as restaurant, laundry, technical facilities, parking facilities, etc.

The hotel will consist of residential suites. The suites are of different types with large spaces and optimally furnished and ultra-modern. In search of the shape of the building and respecting the conditions, it is concluded in a rational architectural structure with alternating shapes and volume fractures accompanied by the use of quality finishes.

The careful combination of cladding materials coupled with the careful composition in the treatment of the facades, creates a positive and more perceptible image of the building in the broad urban context of this territory. The quality of the materials used is high (ventilated facade and lined with marble tiles), as well as the quality of electrical, hydraulic or electronic systems.