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Mine Peza Residence

Object: Mine Peza Residence
Total construction area: 25.835 m2
Location: Mine Peza Street, Tiranë
Residencial area: 12 floors
Services area: 1 floor
Parking posts: 3 floors

Mine Peza Residence is one of Nova Construction latest projects that will be built in one of Tirana’s most strategic and important locations (Mine Peza). This object will main residential space, as well as different services such as an underground shopping center. We have aimed to construct a project that will add missing solutions to this area, additionally improving the urban-architectural outlook.

The site surroundings: North-East of the site faces the main street of “Mine Peza”. North-West of site faces and connects with the secondary street that leads you into the rest of the neighborhood. South-West and South-East of the site face pedestrian passages and systemized green spaces.

The main street of “Mine Peza” (North-West) connects the site to the main square of Tirana in a straight walking/driving direction (7 minute walking distance / 500m).

On this project, we have collaborated with the distinguished Italian Architectural studio; Archea Associati. They have successfully bought visions into life and achieved prominent overlooks to the areas where they have operated.

The design concept of the object consists of continuous balconies formed in a perimeter shape. Whereas, in the center of the object there is a courtyard that is also surrounded by continuous balconies.

The object maintains functions such as three floors underground parking. The ground floor consists of a shopping center.

Residential floors consist of 12 apartment typologies, whereas the balconies form a continuous dynamic facade.

With a variety of different functional typologies, Mine Peza Residence offers spaces with high quality construction which guarantee living with maximum standards.