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White Tower

Object: White Tower
Total construction area: 32580 m²
Location: Medar Shtylla Street, Komuna e Parisit
Function: Residential & Commercial
Above-ground floors: 16/17 floors
Underground floors: 5 floors
Architect: Dalmat Architecture

White Tower is located on “Medar Shtylla” street, in the well-known area of Tirana “Komuna e Parisit”. Within this area objects that consist of 7-12 floors are the urban foundation that define area development.

The design concept behind the object is for it to be build vertically (meaning the object is narrow but high). The object’s facade withholds a gride-like symmetry on both sides in a contemporary grey colour pallete. This is separated by e segment on the fourth floor that is wrapped in a glass facade in order to give the object a more dynamic exterior look.

-1 underground, Ground and first floor consists of different services such as shops and offices. As seen on the object, the exterior facade of these floors maintains arches in order to make these floors more visible and accessible for residents and visitors.